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How It Works

We Find and Curate

We're sourcing the best people in the local food scene - it's all tried and tasted!

You “Chews”

Our delicious catering packages are all priced per person, making your life easier - all you have to do now is pick one!

Munch Better!

Everything is delivered to your office for the time you specify. Amazing food, on time, every time!

Companies who love our lunches

"Today's meal was the best lunch we've ever had in the office!"

Dave Paulic - Shoes of Prey

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Help Your Favourite Local Foodies

People who want to make a living through delicious food should be able to do so. Find out how you can help support your favourite local foodie companies.

Build a better culture through shared meals

Show employees that you appreciate them, improve retention and boost productivity - here's one company that's already doing it through their team lunches.

Our Story

You Chews started when our foodie founder Liz started to wonder whether she could brighten up the soggy sandwiches she endured at office meetings with the wonderful local market food she enjoyed at weekends.