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Hello! Thank you for visiting this page. I’m Liz Kaelin - a Registered Dietitian and nutritionist, lover of all things tasty , and I’m the You Chews Founding Foodie.

As a dietitian, calories are my currency, so I spend them wisely. I’m also a passionate foodie who loves all food, healthy or no. I’m not above eating a sausage roll, but if I eat a sausage roll, I want it to be the tastiest, highest-quality, most amazing sausage roll you could possibly imagine.

After eating my millionth stale mystery-meat sandwich at an office lunch, my mind drifted to the memory of the previous Saturday’s trip to the market. I had the pleasure of partaking in a delicious lunch, consisting of honey-cured, free-range, double-smoked ham thickly sliced fresh to order, served on a soft, pillowy brioche bun, adorned with homemade cranberry chutney and creamy dijon sauce. It made me think: why am I wasting my precious calories on soggy spring rolls and cold pizza at events when there is amazing food out there? What if I could replace those stale sandwiches with Sydney’s finest ham rolls?

I started going to the artisanal vendors whose food I liked the best, and asking about the challenges of running a small food business. While all of them wanted to have more customers, they wanted to concentrate on making great food, and didn’t want to worry about finding the time to better promote their businesses. After telling the vendors how much I loved their food, I offered them a proposal - if I could get them more catering business, would they be my business partner?

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You Chews is a top 10 finalist for the 2014 SydStart this year’s SydStart! Our founder Liz Kaelin will also be opening the show with her latest Start Up Song, the Start Up Co Founder Blues. In case you missed it, check out this video of the song that started it all - No Tech Co Founder, No Cry.